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Vibrant International Academy

Vibrant International Academy (VIA) is an international school Campus situated on a 12-acres campus at Kamrej, Surat-394110.

Country's first dedicated investment teaching academy. We started in 2014 in Kamrej (Gujarat, India) with the philosophy of teaching finance and investment to next generation youth to help them crack the ivy league of financial professionals. VIA is established at Yanant Heena Education Campus. Our school is committed to provide education that helps to develop children into balanced personalities with sound values of truth, love, kindness, devotion and service before self.

Dr. Deepak N. Rajguru

Vibrant Group Of Academies

" Our vision states that: Vibrant International Academy is a learner-centred community committed to excellence in education having a motto of, “We educate to live, we educate to evolve”. "

Our school has a rich history and tradition. It was opened on June 2003. The school has always enjoyed a reputation for academic excellence and our students continue to excel academically, as evidenced by our results in National competitions and numeracy and literacy tests.

We are a highly multicultural school and are proud to have students representing from the world. At ASOB our children grow up surrounded by a range of cultures, religious beliefs and languages. We believe that this environment helps our students develop tolerance, understanding and an outward looking perspective on life.

Objectives of our school are


To introduce a range of knowledge, skill, experience and concepts to promote moral, aesthetic, physical & mental development.


So that each area of education to each student is allowed with sufficient time for its contributions to be efficient.


So that each student’s potential can be optimized to develop their abilities, aptitudes & build personal responsibilities. To provide a quality education, based on the propel of internationalism.

To provide a safe & supportive learning environment where students can develop their own essential skills, attitude & knowledge along with opportunities to apply them.


We believe that the happy family atmosphere with both, fun & frolic will provide an educational experience.

Vibrant Ideology

Teaching Methodology

  • "Don't teach me - reach me"
  • "If I can't learn the way you teach, teach me the way I learn."
  • Focuses on nurturing the latent talent in every student. Thus realizing the very mission of VIA: Let every bud bloom.

A warm welcome to Vibrant Family !

  • VIA is firm to meet the highest educational expectations of South Gujarat which is rapidly growing multinational community.
  • We live in an interconnected and complex world that is changing at an unprecedented pace. Preparing our children to succeed in this challenging environment demands a flexible and real world based approach to education. Indeed, it requires a dynamic school that can turn learning into a life-long journey of enquiry and discovery, culminating in knowledge that matters.
  • VIA is a school for a diverse student body, with a global faculty and an international curriculum. We believe our particular location in Gujarat, gives the Vibrant community of learners (teachers, students and parents) and incredible opportunity to examine change, explore the interconnectedness of issues and develop a global perspective.
  • To induce leadership quality, healthy competition and team spirit, Co- curricular activites are introduced house basis. The houses have significant names Unity(Red), Wisdom(Green), Glory(Blue) and Courage(Yellow). They are symbolized by Louts, Banyan tree, Peacock and Tiger respectively. These all are our National Symbols.
  • To offer an educational experience that is truly international, VIA invites the well educationalist to be its consultants. Together with their experience, input, VIA is implementing the International level programme and is providing outstanding facilities.
  • VIA enrolls students aged 3plus. The school is designed to accommodate around 1000 students at full capacity, however, the numbers is limited to ensure controlled growth.


Courageis not something that comes from flying to your heart in moments of need or inemergencies.

Courage is not something that can be handed over to you throughlessons either. Courage is a way of life.

It is as much a habit as anything else. It’s a matter of routine more than anything else. People tend to speak ofcourage only in terms of deeds.

MarkTwain has said, “Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite ofit.”


Unity is defined as thestate of being undivided and unbroken completeness or totality with nothingwanting. It is the smallest whole numeral representation.

It has the quality of being united into one. Unity can denote a combining of all the parts, elements and individuals into an effective whole.

It is applicable to people and objectsforming whole notions of any concepts. It implies oneness when there is acertain usual division.


Wisdom is a deep understanding andrealizing of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability tochoose or act to consistently produce the optimum results with a minimum oftime and energy. It is the ability to optimally (effectively and efficiently) apply perceptions and knowledge and so produce the desired results.

Wisdom is also the comprehension of what is true or right coupled with optimum judgmentas to action. Synonyms include: sagacity, discernment, or insight. Wisdom oftenrequires control of one's emotional reactions (the "passions") sothat one's principles , reason and knowledge prevail to determine one's actions.


"Glory" in the supreme sense is the Lord as to Divine truth, thus it is the Divine truth which proceeds from the Lord.

"Glory" in the representative sense is the good of love toward the neighbor, or charity.

The spiritual heaven is called "glory" because whatever is there appears in light, in brightness andin radiance.